Sunday, November 27, 2011

How I met Su (Valleygurlfrmhell).

We met at the curious and antisocial age of 14, yet there was nothing antisocial about us.

On a dark, cold night, my brother and i, along with our mother, drove to pick Su and her family up from a previously agreed meeting point near Dream Park in Egypt. Su and my teenage brother had been involved in an online relationship for some time, and the call for family visits was due.

Su and her energetic and charismatic middle aged mother spent a few days in our appartment building on the roof in our humble guest flat. Su, the ever elated and hysterical girl with a bit of punch, and I, stayed up all night laughing, giggling and messing around. We were best friends easily and instantly, and still are. Her relationship with my brother...not so much, it would seem. Until the outside observer looked passed the rough patches, arguements and playful quarrels, could a endearing bond be found. Whether it was true love or not - nobody knows. In fact, the couple are still baffled at times about that matter. But our love for eachother surpassed any obstacles and till this day, i have a wonderful and insightful person to be thankful for, for having experienced some of the best times, despite my dysthymic life.

One could say.. She is to me as Mania is to Bipolar Disorder. The ever bright, whimsical one with dreams and aspirations. The part of me I could have sworn I was, with my eyebrows furrowing as I search inside myself, whilst being shadowed by fear and depression. She is who I am. Or was... She is who I wish I could be. In many ways, we are one.


ValleyGurlFrmHell said...

I have no words but that I love you now and forever! We will always be no matter what. We are perfect for each other!

Madiha M.K said...

Awwww i love you too forever!!! Yays XD.

Anonymous said...

Ohh so Su is married to your brother ?!!!???